Otay Ranch Offers all of the Quality of Homes in North County for Less Money

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otay ranch real estate

Otay Ranch is located in South San Diego County, residents enjoy balmy California weather in the eco friendly town that is designed to be pedestrian friendly. Otay ranch real estate offers the best in community design and amenities to keep residents satisfied with their community. The houses offer all the modern amenities expected, yet have a charming old-world style that makes the area scenic. The developers thought of everything, including the eco footprint. This neighborhood was designed to be pedestrian friendly with trails, parks, promenade streets coming together at the Heritage Town Centre.

otay ranch real estate

All the Amenities, None of the Stress, and With a Reduced Cost of Living The schools in the area are within walking distance of most homes. There are eight schools all together and each was designed with the same ingenuity that created this haven community. The high school is a flagship school and implements many new programs and technologies to prepare local students for this modern age. Many parents find themselves drawn to the area for this promising new school district with numerous amenities for the kids. The jobs in the area are variable and include positions in the medical field, business, retail at the local mall and shopping centers, and positions at the area schools.

otay ranch real estate

It is also located close to larger city hubs for easy travel to the city for work before returning home to idyllic community living. Community amenities include public and private parts for picnics, gatherings, and hikes. The area is pet friendly as well. There are several quality eateries and shopping centers nearby, many within walking distance. The community offers a pool and a swim club ran by the Village HOA. There are many community events held annually to encourage a sense of community. Otay Ranch real estate prices are significantly lower than houses of the same size and quality just a few miles to the north.

otay ranch real estate

Buyers are moving in quick to take advantage of this expertly designed California community. It is no secret though. For those looking for a place to settle it may be a diamond in the rough and the homes are filling up fast.

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