Master Planned Communities: Not Your Average Neighborhoods

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otay ranch real estateMaster planned communities (MPCs) are not a new concept. The first is thought to be Llewellyn Park in West Orange, New Jersey, founded in 1857. It still exists today and is much as it was in yesteryears: a cohesive gated community with beautiful parks, gardens, and running streams. The core of the original idea remains the same now as it was back then. A master planned community is meant to be a conglomeration of similar residences carefully integrated with parks, schools, businesses, and shared community spaces. These areas become much like small villages or tiny towns – communities within communities. Friendly Neighborhoods Developers design and plan MPCs with the intent of fostering neighborliness and a sense of belonging in the residents. They think about lifestyle and how people will interact based on the layout of the houses, streets, businesses, and community areas.

otay ranch real estateAs a result, MPCs are far more thought out than sub-divisions, for instance, because sub-divisions are usually built for a quick turn-around profit. They simply do not receive the same type of care in planning. MPC developers, meanwhile, are far more invested in their product and its growth. Amenities: Fun and Convenience A modern planned community might include walking paths and trails, a swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, and other amenities. Private parks with grassy spaces and picnic tables are usually a given. These perks are a big draw for those considering a property in a planned community.

otay ranch real estateOne Good Example: Otay Ranch in Chula Vista, CA An example of a master planned community is Otay Ranch, located in eastern Chula Vista, California. It is self-described as “pedestrian friendly” and “San Diego’s top-selling planned community.” Judging by the sheer number of paths, promenades, parks, and community hubs, these two statements are not hard to believe. In particular, Otay Ranch boasts plenty of walkable areas – a swim club, schools, and private parks are a mere stone’s throw away from residences. The community is also continually expanding. Otay Ranch has real estate for sale in three different, new neighborhoods: Aviare, Tosara, and Bocara. Each one features different styles of homes.

otay ranch real estateThe Bocara neighborhood, for instance, has two story single family detached homes. The others, Aviare and Tosara, offer 2-3 story attached townhomes. Community properties are also being added, such as the Village of Montecito Clubhouse and a future business park. Cared-for Communities and Community Spaces Development of otay ranch real estate estate took far less time than its ten years in the planning stage. The fact that planning took this stretch is good evidence of the care that goes into creating master planned communities. Their continued growth is also proof of developers’ long-term investment. These clusters of friendly neighborhoods are built for people, not just a profit.

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